The digital aftermarket tool for car dealerships

Connect your customers to your workshop and manage everything customer related from one platform. Become more efficient, get loyal customers and grow your business' revenue. 

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Connected Cars brings you closer to your customers – and your customers closer to your workshop.

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Connected Cars gives you a unique, real-time overview of your fleet and how the cars are being driven.

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Connected Cars provides live vehicle data to streamline your leasing operations.

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Connected Cars app

White label app ready to be tailor-fitted to your brand, help you improve communication, and increase customer loyalty.

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By connecting your customers and their cars to your workshop, you will…

Increase revenue

Take a proactive approach to customer care and increase revenue.

Increase satisfaction

Start a data-driven dialogue based on your customers’ needs and increase satisfaction.

Increase loyalty

Keep your customers loyal to your workshop past the standard warranty period.

Increase efficiency

Streamline service management and increase your workshop’s efficiency.

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