Give your customers a fleet management system you’ll both benefit from

Connected Cars Fleet is a fleet management system that integrates with your workshop. You can add it on top of your workshop solution and offer it to your fleet customers on a subscription basis.

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With Connected Cars Fleet, both you and your customers can keep track of repairs and due service for the entire fleet and easily dispatch vehicles to your workshop when needed.

Live GPS tracking

Fleet location displayed in real-time, with additional information on which vehicles are being driven, are idle or parked. This is particularly useful for last-minute requests or when fleet drivers need to help each other on the road.

Real-time vehicle technical status

Real-time information on the technical status of the vehicles, which allows fleet managers to react as soon as an issue occurs and avoid any potential breakdowns.

Simplify maintenance

Precise insights into which vehicles are in need of repairs or due for service. It is possible to book workshop appointments directly from the fleet management tool, thus saving time and ensuring optimal vehicle maintenance.

Direct chat to the workshop

A direct communication line between fleet managers and workshops. The chat is a quick, efficient way for fleet managers to contact their workshops and vice versa and make sure the vehicles are well cared for.

Fleet drivers app

An app that allows fleet drivers to keep track of their vehicle’s technical status and be part of the conversation with the workshop. This way, workshop visits can be optimally planned to ensure downtime is minimized.

Driving behavior

Insights into how each vehicle in the fleet is being driven, based on the number of hard accelerations, hard braking, and hard turns each car has. Cautious driving means a vehicle will continue to run well for a longer time.

Fleet dashboard

Relevant insights into each vehicle in the fleet. How much fuel do the vehicles use? How long are the engines running idle for?

Our fleet tool comes with a comprehensive dashboard that displays a wide range of data. It includes everything from trips per day, the amount of time and distances driven per vehicle to fuel consumption, idle time and driving behavior.

These insights can be used to identify optimization opportunities that allow fleet managers to take data-driven decisions and increase efficiency while saving fuel costs.

Streamline communication and vehicle maintenance

Workshop integration

Connected Cars Fleet comes with an integration to your workshop, which allows you to stay ahead of your customers’ needs, streamline vehicle maintenance, and save precious time for both your workshop and fleet customers. This translates to higher efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.

Powerful communication tool

The workshop integration includes a chat module that enables you to easily communicate with your fleet customers and vice versa. Send service reminders or reach out to your customers when a lamp turns on in one of their vehicles. This way, you can prepare for the workshop visits and ensure your customers’ vehicles will be up and running in no time.

Dashboard preview

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