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– and the future.

The Connected Cars service is based on a small unit that is easily installed in almost every new or used car and offers a wide range of possibilities for both you and your customers.

Benefit from our services

  • Brand preference

    The Connected Cars Service distinguishes your service offering. Your customers will get all the benefits of the Connected Cars app and better service from your workshops.

  • Unique customer experience

    With dedicated access to the information created by the Connected Cars Service, your dealerships have the opportunity to provide a unique competent, proactive and service oriented customer experience

  • Helping workshops prepare

    Based on the technical information available through the Connected Cars Service, dealerships can plan for upcoming repairs and service jobs by ordering parts in advance and assigning technicians' time optimally to ensure efficient use of resources and great customer satisfaction.

Dashboard preview
  • Connecting customers with their cars

    Develop your own app for your customers, integrate our API or white-label the Connected Cars app where your customers can view the state of their car, where it is, whether there is fuel enough for their next trip and if it is locked.

  • Helping customers drive safer

    The app can help and guide your customers if warning lights appear on their dashboard. Through the app the customers can also schedule bookings easily, so the car is always well cared for.

  • A helping hand when needed

    If your customer should have an accident, the Connected Cars service can measure the gravity of the accident and contact your workshop in order to secure help.

  • Adding digital life to old cars

    Even older car models can work with the Connected Cars service. This adds a significant amount of value to their driving experience that is now both smarter and safer.

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