Give your customers a digital connection to their car and get increased loyalty in return

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  • Proactive communication

    MyConnectedCar is your personal connection to your customers. The in-built chat enables you to engage in a data-driven dialogue and provide personalized service that is based on your customers’ actual needs.

  • Adding new life to cars

    The app works with any car that has a telematic device installed, providing modern digital features even to older cars and is available for both iOS and Android users. The app is part of ConnectedWorkshop solution and comes at no additional costs.

Explore the features

MyConnectedCar comes with a range of features that improve the customer experience and the communication between workshops and car owners.

Vehicle technical status

Users get a live overview of the status of their car and are notified when something is not working as intended or a warning lamp appears on the dashboard.

Workshop appointments

It’s very simple and convenient to book workshop appointments via the app and receive notifications when the vehicle is due for service, so the car is always well-cared for.


Whether it’s a dashboard lamp, an error or a question about an appointment, the chat enables users to reach out to the workshop at their own convenience and get the help they need, when they need it.


Campaigns, promotions or special offers can be advertised in the app by sending push notifications to users, so they are always up to date with the latest offers.

Roadside assistance

In case of an accident or technical problem preventing the car from driving, users can request roadside assistance. The app shares their location and basic vehicle information with the company picking up the vehicle.


The different integrations available provide additional services meant to improve the user experience and make driving and car ownership more convenient.

Trip log

Trip log provides an overview of trips, mileage, and fuel consumption. Each trip can be tagged as either Private or Business, which is particularly relevant for drivers using their private vehicles on business trips.

Vehicle location

Knowing where one’s car is parked is a simple, yet highly useful feature. It comes in handy in large cities, big shopping mall parking lots or when the car was last parked by someone else.

Driving behavior

Users are given insights into their driving behavior based on the number of hard accelerations, hard braking and hard turns they take. This information can be leveraged to get tailored insurance packages based on actual driving patterns.

A branded experience

Enhance your brand’s visibility and increase customer loyalty

Tailor your own app experience

MyConnectedCar comes as a white label platform that can be tailor-fitted to your brand. This includes everything from naming the app, to colors, features and even the communication in the app.

The app can be translated into your local language, and it is possible to add any integrations that make sense for your customers and your business.

A branded app can enhance your brand’s visibility and increase your accessibility to current and potential customers. It also provides a direct way to inform your customers of campaigns, offers, and limited promotions and potentially increase customer retention.

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